In honor of Gemma’s birthday, here’s a very short, very chaste piece on the joys of biking and other things.

It’s on a new page called Sketches from Scotland. A while back Norma made a request for travel stories from Scotland. I kept the request to hand, as I do, and waited for the right inspiration to come. This was it.

Then as I was doing research on Scotland and the Highlands, I discovered there are approximately 750,000 stories to be told about the land of Watson’s birth.

So I started this page as kind of a market basket for them. I’ll plunk new storylettes in as the urge comes over me. Right now I don’t have an outline or any plan of any kind other than to touch on the long list of places and things that caught my fancy as I was studying up. Any road, we’ll see what develops. Suggestions are more than welcome.

I love and yearn for story requests of any kind. Working on these little pieces fuels my brain and keeps the creative fires burning for the longer, more ambitious stuff.

All that’s to say I’d appreciate any requests you’d care to pass my way. Feel free to email me – my address is at the left.

And, as always, thanks for reading.