In this bit we find the meeting with the Milv, all the scenery and props required for the closing chapters and as an added bonus (spoiler) a glimmer of the third and entirely unforgivable story in the series. It’s all under the link to Venomous Creatures.

Oh, and here’s something you won’t be interested in. I’ve been having fun doing homages to (pilfering) bits from some of my favorite books and movies for this series…

Squire of Reigate

  • Part One had an image lifted directly from the One True “Star Trek”
  • Part Two had glimpses of the movie “Dead Again”
  • Part Three had a massive chunk rifled from the movie “Time After Time”
  • Part Four had an image from the movie “Somewhere in Time”

Venomous Creatures

  • Chapter One had several bits from the movie “The Big Chill”
  • Chapter Two had a smidge from the book (and the movie, too, for all I know) “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”
  • Chapter Three uses lots of images from “The Shining” (the entirely excellent TV version with Steven Weber)

And Chapter Four will use a scene inspired by the book “Strong Poison” which, if you recognize it, will have you looking at me squiggle-eyed.

See? I told you it wasn’t that interesting.