Latch the door. Lock the windows. Hide the dog. It’s here.

The sequel to The Squire of Reigate, the second Demons, Devils and Rogues story, and an entirely uncalled for digression into the smuttiest of smut-filled smut. A chocolate covered smut-cherry, if you will.

This one picks up around the time the last one left off and is NC17 from the jump. Well, and why not? There’s no place to go but down.

Venomous Creatures is an AAAAU bastardization retelling of The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton. Hey, I’m only human. I’m as powerless before the sickly allure of the Milv as anyone.

Whackier by far, even, than the prequel, this story will go down the rabbit hole that leads to the bear cave that is the third story.

Sure you won’t reconsider? Well, all righty then. Smut ahoy and away we go…