Hurray! Chapter Fourteen! Pretty speedy, eh? Shocking!

It’s suitable because the pace of action is really picking up now as we slalom toward the… what did I call it… the “staggering” conclusion? Well, the staggeringness is still open to question, I suppose, but the speediness is not.

Our two moon-crossed lovers, locked in emotional struggle, trapped in a train compartment… It’s a tempest-tossed ride through the night and other purplish turns of phrase. Yeah, I got a million of ’em. :/

Only three more chapters to go after this so buckle-up!

Oh, and if you missed the announcement, Chapter Thirteen has been utterly gutted and reworked since it was posted so if you’re confused reading Chapter Fourteen that may be why. Let’s just be charitable and say that’s the reason, shall we? Any road, you may want to glance back at Thirteen if you haven’t looked at it in a week.

They’re both to be found in The Longest Night. Part 3