Edit: Because I’ll be writing stories in the world of “Intimations” for a very long time to come, I’m going to rename the series The Lestrade Chronicles to make it easier to follow.

Once again, something a bit off plumb. This was inspired by the research I did on the first story in the Policeman series, but is completely unrelated in just about every way that matters.

It’s in the form of a series of correspondences from the point of view of G. Lestrade and covers the length of his relationship with Holmes and Watson


It’s called Intimations and it’s the first in the series The Lestrade Chronicles.


I did some pretty heavy-duty research for this one. Not sure how successful I was at making it work with the canon, but I gave it my best shot.

For the timeline I relied extensively on the “Just the Facts” Canonical Database – a really invaluable tool. I took a salad bar approach to the dates so chances are it’s wrong more than it’s right. Still, I had fun working it all out.

Like I said, this one is a little off the mainstream. It was a blast to write, though, and I hope you find something in it to enjoy.


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