I finally mustered up the gusto to do it. And on Strike Day no less. I have a Live Journal that’s a going concern and not just the perpetual promise of unspent pixels.

I’m sure I’ll be horribly negligent about keeping it tidy and such. The brevity of my attention span knows no bounds. But “I’ll do my best!” as all the cutest anime characters say (oh, that reminds me I need to add All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku to my interests). Where was I? Something about a short attention span…

Any road, I think I’ll go back through the comments I’ve gotten here and look for folks who left an LJ link and see if they want to be friends. If you have an LJ and think it would be less than distasteful to be my friend, you can find me at: http://nlr-alicia.livejournal.com/.

And…. what was I going to do now? Oh, right. Nuku Nuku!