Here’s a question….

If you’ve poked around here at all (and, thanks, by the way) you’ve probably got a good idea my stories are pretty family-friendly. There’s not much beyond soft-focus “R” and not too many of those. (And when I say R, bear in mind I grew up in the 80s when R was a different animal.)

I notice I still haven’t gotten to that question I mentioned. Hmm. Interesting…

Well, the question is this. Would you be interested in seeing an age-restricted, password-protected page of stories?

Before you answer, I’ll tell you up front you’re not going to see hardcore. Frankly, I’d be surprised if you saw a lot of hard-R and there’d be even less NC-17. I’m just not good at it and there’re lots of folks who write truly excellent Adult-with a big A-stories.

(If you’ve been waiting around in the main area hoping for stronger stuff – please don’t let yourself in for disappointment – there’s flat out no hope you’re going to see it.)

What you’d find on this hypothetical password-protected page are stories heavy with dark intimations, candle lit chambers, and the occasional sound effect.

If that appeals to you, let me know. There’s a form below – just put in your email and your age. (And any other notes you want to add – I’d be curious what folks’d like to see, though I can’t promise anything.)

Oh, also let me know if you’d like to get email notice of updates – this is just for the password page, mind. I probably won’t announce these on the main page.

Just so you know, I won’t use your address for anything but the Password note and, on your say-so, updates. If I don’t get much response to this idea I’ll delete any emails I do get.

Any road, I’ll see what the response is like and let you know if it’s a Go or No.
As always, thanks for reading.