Yes, yes, I know… Chapter Nine. It’s coming, I swear! But there’s this new HolmesSlash challenge, see, and it’s a picture by Elina, see, and you’re supposed to write a story for the picture, see, and… well, it’s a picture by Elina! What could I do?!


And since I was kind of, on the sly you understand, starting a page of mini-fics just to make sure I could still write something that didn’t take heavy machinery to lift, I thought, “hey, why don’t I really annoy people?” so I did.

Any road, I’ll be adding minis to the story page periodically – I’ll post the new stuff at the top so you don’t have to scroll through the rest of the mess to find it.


Right, here’s the link: Quickies (Postcards from a Love Affair)

(there’s a bonus story in there, too. what? don’t look at me like that. it’s really short. it is!)


And here’s Elina’s picture: On the Sofa: A night at Baker Street

And here’s the HolmesSlash challenge: February Challenge Part 2

And here’s me getting back to Chapter Nine… sorry. :/