<update> I’m doing a quick bump of this post since I’ve got all the players in position now.

What I’m going to do is cap this list and split off a Spoiler edition for anyone who doesn’t mind such things and is curious about just who all these folks are. </update>

By way of footnotes for anyone who, like Watson in Chapter Four, is thinking “Your name is familiar but…” I thought it might be nice to list out the canon characters I’ve taken in vain.

This is in order of appearance.

  • Stamford introduced Watson to Holmes at the beginning of “A Study in Scarlet” and is therefore beloved of the angels and exalted among men.
  • Mrs. Hudson, the illustrious landlady of 221B Baker Street, is famous for putting up with all kinds of fooferall that no self-respecting landlady would stand and is therefore certainly much more interesting than she lets on.
  • Mrs. Isa (Kate) Whitney got the ball rolling at the start of “The Man with the Twisted Lip” and for some reason caused Mary to think Watson’s name was James. Possibly it was the opium-laced perfume Isa bought her for her birthday.
  • Bess is Watson’s maid who appears to have gone by the name “maid” probably for the sake of convenience, but who performed such an important service to humankind by letting that skeevy old bookseller into Watson’s nice, clean foyer in “The Empty House” that she deserved a name of her own and Bess is as good as any and better than most.
  • Mycroft Holmes is a big, fat feller wit’n evil glint in his eye.
  • Cranky McBookseller” is sometimes a very bad man.
  • Bristly Mustache Guy” is always a very bad man.
  • And more to come. I apologize in advance.