Another quick update (Chapter Seven is going up tonight – I’m not slacking off, I swear!) for anyone who’s curious about just how much longer this thing’s going to drag on…

What’s the same:

  • Still 2 Parts (The story itself is in three segments, but I’m not labeling those because it would be too complicated to follow, I think. For anyone who’s interested in such things – which is really unlikely – it’s the same structure as Chapter Seven but in reverse. I don’t think that gives anything away, does it? Probably not if you’ve read my other stuff.)

What’s different:

  • 12 Chapters + a Prologue and a Coda containing…
  • 43,000 words which is really embarrassing because normally I can shave off at least a fifth of the story in editing but this one just keeps growing. In fact, at this point I’m expecting it to top 50k but I’m trying not to think about it so pretend I didn’t say anything. Any road, thanks for reading this monster!

That’s all the (semi) relevant stuff I can think of unless you’ve got any questions.