Okay, so, a few words about this ridiculously gigantic bit of fluff. First, I regret to say that it’s probably not anywhere in the realm of what people were hoping to see when they said, “Hey, I’d look at a sequel to Seventy Minutes to London. Why not?”

For one thing, this story takes place six years later. Yes, six years. Is that still a sequel or is it more of a time warp?

For another thing – and this is a biggie – there’s no “direct” conversation between Holmes and Watson until Chapter Eight. Yes, that is seriously messed up. On the plus side, Holmes does make his presence felt in every chapter up to that point. Pretty much constantly on Watson’s angst-o-meter, but in other ways, too.

So let’s talk about angst next. There’s a bunch of it, but it’s only really oppressive, I think, in the early chapters (Chapter One is just unalloyed angst from the get-go to the flag). I’m hoping that if angst is not your thing then you’ll find something to your liking later on.

And moving on to Things You Might Find To Your Liking. I tend to like stories with just about every kind of story thrown in. Why that’s good, I hope, is that there may be something you find cool amongst all the many options. Here’s what’s going:

  • Angst (see above)
  • Action (air guns and fisticuffs)
  • Blood & Bandages
  • Romance & Poetry & Jealousy, oh my
  • Romantic poetry in Paris + Screaming fights in Paris
  • Drugs & Booze
  • and one Courtesan

There’s some other stuff, too, but that’s what comes to mind. What there isn’t is kittens. I just couldn’t squeeze ’em in believe it or not even though kittens are quite small.

And speaking of squeezing, this thing is a monster. The stats are these:

  • 2 Parts, pretty much equally portioned across…
  • 11 Chapters + a Prologue and a Coda containing…
  • 37,ooo words

Too big, you say? Yes, it is. It’s so big I’m going to post it in pieces and will probably have to use multiple pages just to keep from blowing out the available bandwidth.

Okay, that’s all the disclaimery stuff I can think of for now so I’ll get back to posting and junk.

If you’ve read this far… why? I am really not that interesting.