This is just a quick note to say I’m really grateful to all the folks who’ve left comments on my dorky little stories and I figure it’s about (past) time to start answering them.

See, the options for responding to comments in WordPress are kind of… well, sucky.

You can’t respond directly to a comment unless you go in and edit the comment you got which is really kind of wrong. The only other option is to respond like you’re leaving a comment on your own stuff which is also strange. But there’s no other way to do it so I’m going to opt for the second choice – responding inline with received comments.

Is that way too much information? Probably.

Any road, the main reason I’m giving myself a swift kick on this count is that The Longest Night (see some other post that will be directly above this one probably) is going to go on for ages and because it’s kind of detailed there will probably be lots of questions. Maybe. I don’t know I could be talking to myself. Jeez I’m a rotten blogger.