Doing some research for a new story I found two especially neat tools that were new to me.

There’re tons of places to read canon texts online. My new favorite is the Internet Archive of the Canadian Libraries system because you can read in page-flippy view, download the pdf, or even ftp it! Gotta love those helpful Canadians.

Google Books is another of my new favorite links. I’ve got mixed feelings about Google posting big hunks of books that are still in print – although I’ve bought a few after reading excerpts. I didn’t realize though (possibly I’m just slow) that you can download entire books if they’re ancient or otherwise out of print. They’re in their original format, too, with pictures and everything. I’m clogging up my little Mac with stuff like Old and New London: A Narrative of Its History, Its People and Its Places.

How did I live before the Internet? It’s all a misty haze.